Own a Piece of Blacksburg

One weekend it’s the roar of 66,233 screaming fans, on another it’s the quiet pace of a charming country town, consistently ranked among the country’s best places to live. The Place at University Crossroads, in the heart of Hokie country, is the ideal place for Virginia Tech fans and anyone who enjoys Blacksburg’s style of rest and relaxation. Purchase a hotel-condo at The Place and realize all the pleasures of a vacation home without any of the worries. It truly is hassle-free living at The Place in Blacksburg.

My motto has always been WIN – What’s Important Now and what’s more important than commitment. I am excited to continue my long time relationship with the owners of The Place, a team committed to Virginia Tech. They know ‘What’s Important Now’ for true fan commitment – a great experience the first time, and every time. As an owner you enjoy your own luxury room or suite right next to campus, in the heart of Blacksburg, and in your beautiful new condo-hotel . With pre-game and post-game taken care of, you are set to simply enjoy the weekend.

Bud Foster

Defensive Coordinator, Virginia Tech Football

Purchasing Info Contact: Shivon Dosky (571)969-1328
*Ownership may include rental program opportunities